Nick Taylor's Office Pictures

Here are some pictures showing our comprehensive computer setup

Photos taken with a Sanyo Digicam

Upstairs Office - Jenny's Desk. Where Most of the AoR Membership Work Gets Done

You can see 2 matrix printers - The back one is loaded with the AoR Confirmation of Membership and Cards Stationery, the one on Jenny's Desk is loaded with labels which can be printed at the press of a button

Upstairs Office - Nick's Desk. Where I sit Twiddling my Thumbs ;-)

To the left, you can see our oldest laser printer which is generally just used for shorter print jobs. In front of that is the label printer on Jenny's Desk.

Upstairs Office - Communications and Network Kit

Downstairs Office - 3 Fast Laser Printers

Downstairs Office - Folding and Enclosing machine

This is capable of folding a letter, enclosing up to 3 additional inserts, inserting into envelope and then sealing

Servers That Form the Hub of Our Systems

From the Top:
Backup Linux Server - RAID Disc Array for New Database Server
Main Linux Server running Reflexology System amongst others - New Linux Database Server (RAID Array above) - Old Unixware Machine for Support (probably to be turned off soon)
Uninterruptible Power Supplies to Protect All Major Equipment against Power Failures

Photocopier and Storage

AMS Polywrapping Machine

AMS Polywrapping Machine

Last Revised 4th June 2001